How to connect Nextsale with Gumroad?

Learn how to connect Nextsale with Gumroad to create Social Proof.

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Gumroad is an e-commerce platform designed to empower creators to sell their products and content directly to their audience. With Gumroad integration, you can seamlessly showcase your Gumroad products and transactions on your website pages through Nextsale.

Nextsale’s integration with Gumroad simplifies the process of connecting your Gumroad account, allowing you to display your sales and transactions, and enhancing trust and engagement among your website visitors. Nextsale integration makes it easy to connect Gumroad and display sales on your website pages to build trust and engage visitors and by displaying subscriptions from Gumroad to gain the trust of new visitors.

To connect Nextsale with Gumroad, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign Up/Log In: Access your Nextsale account and navigate to the “Integrations” tab located in the left sidebar of your dashboard. Search for Gumroad and select it.

  2. Connect with Gumroad: Click the “Connect Gumroad” button. This action will lead you to a new tab, redirecting you to the Gumroad page.

  3. Gumroad Account: Create a new Gumroad account or log in to your existing one, ensuring a seamless connection.

  4. Integration Enabled: Once you’ve established or logged into your Gumroad account, you will be automatically redirected back to your Nextsale dashboard. The integration will be enabled on your account.


  • The integration is available and functional only while trialing and on paid plans of Nextsale.

Congratulations! Nextsale is now successfully integrated with Gumroad.

Now, you can display Gumroad subscriptions to create social proof on your website pages.

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